Location: Babar Mahal Revisited Date: 22nd August, 2018 Time: 2:00 to 4:30

On 22nd of August, 2018 Energy Development Council (EDC) organized an Interaction program on “Solar Net Metering- Current State of Policy and Guideline” at Babar Mahal Revisited, Kathmandu. Honorable Mr. Basanta Kumar Nembang, Member of Parliament, Government of Nepal was the chief guest of the program. Mr. Kushal Gurung, Head of Executive Committee of Energy Development Council (EDC) welcomed the attendees. Mr. Nembang, the chief guest appreciated the interaction session and assured to help promote solar net metering. He added that he would also promote in policy and implementation of net metering.

Mr. Kulman Ghising, Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority delivered special remarks on Solar Net Metering and emphasized on the fact that Net metering would help each of the interested household to generate revenue thereby contributing to the economic growth of the country. He also added that Net metering is not just limited in papers but is the key priority of Government of Nepal where he mentioned that each house is a powerhouse and each village is an energy village.

Mr. Aashish Chalise, Executive Committee Member of EDC gave a presentation on Net Metering – Current State of Policy and Guideline and highlighted on the potential of rooftop net metering especially in Kathmandu Valley and the challenges and innovative financing Mechanisms. He stated that Kathmandu Valley has technically feasible 600MW solar rooftop energy. He also focused on that net metering is not a big challenge in context of Nepal. He also mentioned subsidy or incentive is demoralizing grid-tie solar.

Mr. Raju Maharjan, Senior Divisional Engineer, Ministry of Energy, Water Resource and Irrigation and Mr. Ramji Bhandari, Director of Energy Efficiency and Loss Reduction Department, Nepal Electricity Authority were the panelists for the program.

Most questions raised in Q&A were regarding net metering payment system where Mr. Ghising addressed the issue saying net metering billing system is under discussion and not yet approved by NEA Board but he inferred that net metering payment system will be done in terms of price and not unit at the end of the year.